Friday, September 4, 2020

Norah is a kindergartner!

 Our sweet Norah is in kindergarten! I can't believe it! She had a few nervous tears on several days before, but they had an open house where she could meet her teacher one on one and see the classroom, and that helped her a lot. She seemed to feel a lot better about it after seeing it. The day of she seemed a bit nervous when she woke up, but then walked into her classroom and didn't cry when we left. We prayed a lot for bravery and kept reassuring her that God goes with her wherever she goes and He would never ever leave her. A good reminder for us all! Norah, watching you go to school all day makes my mama heart sad, but it's also a joy to know you are growing up well and are ready for this step. We pray for a fabulous year for you! You are amazing!

Norah's big girl desk!

Yay for kindergarten!

Proud mommy and daddy!

The sweetest kindergartner I've ever seen.

I took these ones at open house when she met her teacher.

Her own locker!


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