Monday, October 26, 2020

Omaha Zoo 2020.

We went to the Omaha Zoo with the De Jongs! It was a fun day and glad we could go on a special outing. 

The aquarium was a hit! This puffin was swimming around Lucy and Ellory for awhile and kept looking right at them, they loved it!

We got to see the penguins being fed, as well as a couple other animals. So neat!

Ellory loved the aquarium so much. It was such fun to watch her enjoy it. She stayed longer than everyone else and ran to almost every single thing and shouted, "Wow! Look at this!" She specifically asked me to take her picture by this purple/yellow fish and the stingray, which she hardly ever does. I've said it before and it's always true- watching your kids having a great time is such a joy!

Dancing on this special floor mat with cousin Will!

The giraffes were running around in a circle chasing each other! I have never seen that before and it was amazing. We got to see several really cool animal interactions this trip, probably more than I've ever seen before on a zoo trip. So fun!

My favorite animal with my favorite girls!

We also got to watch where they closed the walkway to get the giraffes inside. I've never seen that before either!

What a fun trip- love family time!

Kley looks pretty good pushing a stroller! What a great dad. Boy, we have logged lots of miles with that thing! I remember putting them in there so itty bitty, and now their feet are dangling over the edge. 

The girls were all three learning about creation recently at preschool and during homeschool, so it was a fun time for a zoo trip.

They had this helicopter and safari car you could play in in the African exhibit and it was a huge favorite!


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