Monday, November 2, 2020

Norah's 6th birthday- our family celebration.

One of my favorite traditions for every birthday is letting the girls pick our supper and activity. While parties and extended family gatherings are so awesome too, it's also special to celebrate with our little family! Norah picked Pizza Ranch and indoor swimming and we all had a great time! My sister goes to college in our town too, so it was fun to have Aunt Kayla join! 

All of the girls are getting better and better at swimming. Norah is doing amazing and did so great at her swimming lessons this year! They are getting more comfortable and trying new things. So fun to watch! As the girls get older, I'm trying to treasure all the favorites because I know they won't be favorites forever, like this sweet little duck slide. 

Lucy and Ellory used to not want to go down this blue slide by themselves, but now they do!

Norah went off the board without hesitation! She even jumped off a few times after this without Kley catching her!

Waterslide fun.

The lily pads were a favorite.

And Pizza Ranch is so good- great choice Norah! So glad we could celebrate your birthday!


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