Monday, November 16, 2020

Halloween 2020.

While Halloween looked different this year because of COVID, it was still so fun to have a holiday to look forward to! The girls were excited to dress up. They each picked their own costumes. Norah was cheerleader Gabriella from High School Musical and Kley was a good sport and was basketball player Troy. (How amazing is that? So amazing. :) Lucy was a penguin and Ellory was a kitty. Norah has liked the High School Musical movies for awhile, so that wasn't too shocking. I'm not sure where penguin and kitty came from, but they were sure that that's what they wanted to be! So cute. 

Our church does a super fun annual Harvest Party for the community every Halloween. We are thankful they still did it this year. It was smaller and more spread out, but still great and so glad they did it. The girls were thrilled to have a party to go to!

My good lookin' crew!

Go Wildcats!

This may be my favorite Halloween picture ever. :)

Cheerleader Gabriella!


Kitty! (Ellory's head piece didn't stay on very well, but she was determined to wear it. She really loved her costume! I offered to hold her head piece a couple times, but nope, she wanted it on the entire time!)

On Halloween day, the girls were so excited. Ellory kept saying, "Today's the day! Halloween day is today!" We got to go trick or treating around the nursing home, where Kley's grandpa is, which was great! The girls loved it, and it was special to say hi to him from his window. Our neighbor friend came with us as well, so Norah had a great time with her, and Lucy and Ellory were so sweet waving to every person in their window and saying happy halloween to them.

Kley's grandma walked with us too!

Happy Halloween! Hope you could find a fun way to celebrate! We went out at night to trick or treat, which was the first year we've done that. The girls really wanted to. We only went about three blocks, but that was the perfect length for us. It was a great Halloween! The girls truly enjoyed it and had fun and that's what matters!


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