Thursday, July 23, 2020

Swimming lessons 2020.

The girls were really excited for their swimming lessons this year! Lucy and Ellory are doing the parent/child class, which is a very basic introduction to the water with a parent accompanying. They do things like throw rings in the water and get them, practice holding a board and kicking, playing games, etc. It's not learning any strokes, but just getting comfortable in the water. Lucy and Ellory were both excited and did well! They liked getting to use the special pool toys. Next year I will have them do private lessons, which will be their first "real" lessons at level 1. 

Ellory makes a face similar to this one in many photos these days!

This was Norah's second year of private lessons. She passed level 1 last year, so was working on level 2 this year. She did amazing! We are so proud of how brave she was and how much she learned! She had the same teacher as last year, and she is super nice, which helped her feel comfortable right away. Usually Norah can be slow to warm up to things, but she didn't seem nervous at all and really seemed to enjoy them! Our pool offers group lessons too, which is great, but we felt our girls would succeed more and feel more comfortable in a private class. 

She's really swimming! Go Norah!

Way to go, girls! Another year of swimming lessons complete!


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