Monday, July 27, 2020

Fun with college friends visiting.

We had a fun weekend with some college friends (two of my roommates) visiting us! Brittany came from Colorado and Jackie (and her husband Joe and their three kids- Daniel, Noelle, and Thomas) came from Minnesota. It was a full house with lots of fun and catching up!

Kley and I surprised the kids with a bounce house for the weekend! They were running a special where you pay for one day and get it for the whole weekend, and it was genius. We used it so much. It was super nice to have with six kids running around and a special activity- definitely worth it!

Norah usually doesn't like taking pictures, but was on a role with the poses this day!

It makes me so happy to see kids playing together and just being kids. I love just watching them have fun doing normal, healthy kid things. Enjoying a summer day playing outside. Not having grown up responsibilities. Being safe and cared for. Having a good time. :)

We went to several parks together, and also went for a fun afternoon/evening at a local lake. We don't get there often but the girls love it when we do. They love swimming and an endless sandbox! Since it's 25 minutes away, we always eat supper there to maximize our play time, and their concession stand is actually really good and they have a lot more options than your typical concession stand. And it's a huge treat to not have to cook or clean up!

Lots of digging!

Kley is a good dad. I'm thankful for him.

Brittany was so good playing with all the kids!

Nothing like a summer ice cream cone!

The whole gang- love group photos!


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