Monday, July 13, 2020

4th of July 2020.

Happy 4th of July- very thankful to live in the USA! We spent the weekend in Des Moines, where most of my family is. My sister and BIL weren't able to be there unfortunately, but my parents live there along with my brother and his family, and my sister is home from college for the summer. We had a fun time! The usual activities were cancelled due to COVID, but we had fun hanging out together at home, visiting the local park by my parents house (where we were the only ones there), swimming in a neighbors' pool (where we were again the only ones), and lighting some sparklers and very tiny kid friendly fireworks. 

Norah loved hanging out with cousin Jorie! They held hands everywhere and it was adorable.

Girls playing at the park together! We didn't last long because it was super hot, but it was fun!

Murphy (my nephew) was taking his morning nap, so we picked up Jorie (my niece) to come to the park with us. Being an aunt is awesome!

All the girls were brave and jumped off the diving board! Norah was even jumping off by herself in the end!

My four favorite people!

Cousin photos in their matching shirts!

Ellory refused to take her helmet off or let me adjust her glasses. You take what you can get at this age!

Trying out some sparklers!

Norah didn't enjoy it, but she was brave and did it.

Yes, Ellory is wearing a teething ring as a bracelet.

Happy 4th of July- hope you all had a great one!


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