Thursday, July 30, 2020

Norah was a beautiful flower girl with a new hole in her mouth!

Norah lost her first tooth! She was chewing on her shorts string, which must have just caught it right and popped it pretty loose. She had woken up in the night before crying that her mouth hurt, so then I wondered if it was starting to be loose then? Norah said it wasn't, but not sure. When she first noticed it was loose (and it bled a little), she got super scared and cried, but calmed down after a few minutes when we told her that this was normal and exciting to loose her first tooth. It was wiggly for a few hours but Norah did not want to try to pull it, but then she just kept wiggling it that it got so loose it basically just came out in her fingers without even pulling. Way to go, Norah! You are getting so big!

My cousin got married this weekend and my sister, Kayla, was a bridesmaid and Norah was the flower girl.

Wedding beauties!

So beautiful! Norah was so excited to be the flower girl. We talked about how to do it and different scenarios beforehand (like if she ran out of petals to just keep going, for example) several times, and Norah did amazing! I wondered if she would get nervous before, but she didn't and did such a nice job! She has done a few newer things recently and didn't get as nervous as she used to for new things.

Fun to see Grandpa and Grandma there too!

We painted nails before the wedding, and I also had a neighbor of a friend, who does hair from her house, come to do Norah's hair. I thought it would be fun for her to make it really special, and I'm so glad we did. She really got a kick out of her hair and it was so fun!

She loved twirling!


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