Thursday, March 26, 2020

Indoor swimming and big slides with Daddy!

The indoor pool in our neighboring town does a tot swim hour in the winter on Monday and Friday mornings, which is awesome, but we could only go a few mornings this year when Norah didn't have preschool because otherwise it was during the time we would have to pick her up. It was super fun when we could go, because this was the first season I felt it was manageable to take them to the pool by myself! (And by take them by myself, I mean that they all wore life jackets when I was the only adult and the kid pool is a gradual entry and they can all touch throughout it.) The girls had been asking several different times to go with Kley so they could go down the big slide (they have a bigger water slide, but I told them we couldn't do it when I was the only adult because I can only take one at a time and I couldn't leave the other two at the bottom alone). My sister, Kayla, also came with us, which made it even more fun! And super nice to have an adult per kid! :) It was special to have Kayla with us, because she goes to college in our town, but they closed it down for the rest of the year and are doing online classes because of coronavirus, so this was the last time we got to do something together before she went home. We also went to Pizza Ranch for supper, which everyone loves and is a treat!

Group pictures are one of my most favorite things ever. :)

Norah thought this picture was quite funny. (She was doing this on purpose to be silly.)

Love my sweet girls!

Practicing jumping in in the deep end.

I also really love waterslide pictures. Their faces at the bottom are priceless! What a fun night!


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