Friday, March 13, 2020

Minneapolis weekend.

We had a super fun weekend in Minneapolis! Overall it went very well. We had great weather, the girls slept well for traveling, and we got to see lots of people we love! When we got there on Friday we had supper with David and Jacquie (and their adorable son Soren), who we went to Bethel with, and then headed to Zack and Karlie's (my sister/BIL), who live there and we stayed with them. Saturday morning we headed to Eagles Nest Indoor Playground, which the girls loved. We don't have places like this close to where we live, so it's a big treat!

The girls had a great time playing!

In the afternoon we headed to Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, which is one of my favorite places in all of the Twin Cities. We went their fairly often when we were in college, and it's special to take the girls there now too. (And free? Amazing!) There weren't tons of animals out, as it was early in the season, but the girls enjoyed it anyways. 

The conservatory is always so beautiful! I love seeing it each time. When we left, they were setting up for a wedding in there!

We all love Zack and Karlie! :)

We went for a scooter ride after the zoo and had some Dairy Queen for a snack. (Is that the greatest afternoon treat ever? Probably so. So fun for a special occasion!) Saturday night Karlie and Zack babysat the girls (so nice!) and Kley and I went out for supper with Kley's cousin Pieter and his wife Bailey. Kley and Pieter went to a concert after too, but I headed back to put the girls to bed. The girls had a great time having Frozen 2 macaroni and cheese, making a Frozen 2 sticker page, and watching Frozen 2. :)

Sunday we went to a park and also met up with some more college friends- Joe, Jackie, and their kids Daniel, Noelle, and Thomas- for lunch before we headed home. What a fun weekend- so many neat activities and so thankful we could see lots of friends and family!


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