Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Lucy and Ellory are THREE!

What fun it was to celebrate Lucy and Ellory turning three! I feel like three is such a fun birthday because it's the first time they really understand it's their birthday and can look forward to it. It was so sweet to hear them talk about it and practice putting three fingers up. 

We celebrated earlier in the week with the De Jongs. We went out to eat at this local, somewhat hole in the wall Italian restaurant. Kley and I have only been there two times now, but it's amazing. We are in love. The chef is actually from Italy. The food is so good! Then we went back to Brad and Jana's to open a few presents.

Here's Norah and Will together. Our girls sure do love their cousins! So much fun to watch them together!

Happy birthday sweet girls! Notice their Anna and Elsa dress up shoes, a gift from cousin Will. They can hardly walk them, but they are thrilled.

I always prayed I could be a wife and mom one day, and I'm so thankful God granted that to me!

Our best attempt at a sister shot.

Opening a couple presents!

My side was able to come for the weekend so we could celebrate with them too and they could be there for their party. (Well, my brother and his family unfortunately had to miss, but most could join!) Lucy and Ellory had a Frozen party and were so excited. They talked about it for weeks. My mom got a bunch of decorations from a party store in Des Moines that was closing for 75% off, which was amazing. It was all Frozen 2, since that's what just came out, which Lucy and Ellory actually haven't even seen yet, but they didn't care at all and didn't even really notice. (We decided we weren't ready for a movie theatre experience yet, so they will watch it when it comes out on DVD.) It was so fun!

All three were Elsa for Halloween last year, so it worked perfectly to wear the dresses again!

Uncle Zack and Aunt Karlie.

Grandma and Grandpa! They were amazing help. So thankful for them, from everything to decorations, filling up balloons, baking, cleaning up, etc. 

I thought this table turned out so cute! For those interested, we had the party in our local library's basement. It's free to rent the room, which is so nice! Especially in the winter when we can't have any of their party outside, and we don't really have room in our house to fit as many as were there. When the girls are younger, we have had bigger parties where we invite lots of friends, and we decided that once our girls start preschool, we just do a little friend party and a family party for them (so their friend party isn't quite as big since it's not inviting the entire family). I also make a birthday board for our girls for each birthday of favorite pictures from the last year. One of my favorite traditions!

The party was in the morning, so we had mainly brunch foods. We also had a cute Olaf station where the kids could make a snowman with marshmallows, pretzel sticks for arms, mini chocolate chips for buttons and face, edible google eyes, and orange tic tacks for nose. So cute!

My SIL Rose drew these amazing posters!

Both of them didn't care to make Olaf, they just ate the marshmallows. :)

Norah and her friend, Ainsley. They've been friends since they were babies!

Lucy said her favorite part about the party was that Audrey and Will came. :) Audrey is a family friend's baby that we watch on Tuesdays. All the girls love her so much!

Family photos are one of my most favorite things. :) Thankful our grandparents could be there too! One of Kley's sets was there and one of mine. My other set lives in SD and wasn't able to make it, and Kley's other grandpa does live in town, but wasn't feeling well.

Our best attempt at a picture with Aunt Kayla. Missing Norah and no smiles, but it was the best of the bunch. You take what you can get sometimes. :)

Birthday cake and singing! We give each of the girls their own cake and sing to them individually. I read on an adult twin blog that many of them appreciated that a lot when they were younger. So fun to have twins, but want to try to do little things to celebrate their individuality too!

(Don't look too closely at the cakes. It was a quick "make it from the box and slap some frosting on" kind of attempt because we were busy with the party food from the morning. Thankfully they don't care!)

You can't see the front, but the other candle is a Frozen snowflake candle.

Opening a gift from my parents. 

We love you so much, Lucy and Ellory! Happy happy birthday.What a wonderful three years. You are so very special to us!

Norah wanted to join in too. :)


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