Monday, April 6, 2020

Spring times during COVID-19.

What a crazy time we are all in with the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic happening! Norah's preschool and the girls Kindermusik classes have been off since March 16 and are doing online learning for the rest of the school year, and church has been live streaming services for a couple weeks now too and will through April at least. 

Norah and I talked the other day about what a memorable time this is/will be, like people will be talking about this for years to come. This time could be written in history books someday! So crazy! I don't know how many specific memories Norah will have of this, but we talked about how she will remember that she was alive for it and lived through it, and can tell everyone that she was 5 when this happened in the future. We are definitely missing seeing family/friends and getting out, but overall are doing well. We are thankful for health, a safe home, and that Kley is still working and busy. (His office is closed, but he is still going in to work each day, which is very nice for everyone to keep routine and he can definitely be more productive there than here at home. He's just doing a lot more phone meetings and such, as no clients are coming in.) Praying this ends soon and for health for everyone, many sad stories of sickness and death. I have gone to the grocery store a couple times, but we are just staying at home and trying to do all we can to stay healthy and have this pass as quickly as we can. 

Our old sand box was getting too small for the girls, so Kley build a new one that is taller and fits them much better. They have been loving it! Our neighbor friend, Elizabeth, was playing too. We are trying to keep distance from everyone, but they have played with her (only outside) a couple times, as our backyards are right next to each other. Hard to keep them apart!

The last couple days have been pretty cold/rainy again, but earlier in the week we had a couple amazing days! Wednesday was 73 degrees! So nice to be outside. The days are definitely easier when we can get out to play!

Painting outside- trying our best to keep busy and think of fun activities!

The best attempt at a sister photo. :)

The girls love to make sand/mud creations in all the sand/kitchen toys!

We ate almost all meals outside too during those couple super nice days! So great! The teachers did a drive by parade on Monday too, and the girls thought that was so fun and Norah loved waving to her teacher!

Sun is out, legs crossed, upside down sunglasses on top of her real glasses, digging all the chip crumbs out she can. Love this picture of Ellory!

We broke out the water table and Lucy and Ellory loved it and played for a long time!

Norah got roller skates for her birthday, and she tried them out for the first time! Definitely very wobbly and have a long ways to go before she can use them independently, but she was excited to try!

Hope you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy!


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