Monday, April 20, 2020

Easter 2020- Egg dye and egg hunts!

While we definitely missed spending Easter with extended family this year (because of COVID-19), we still had lots of fun as just the five of us! The girls handled it, and all of this virus stuff, quite well. We are proud of them! They haven't complained much and have done a good job staying busy at home. It's definitely helping that we've had some warmer days (aside from actual Easter where we had a blizzard!), and getting outside helps a lot! We knew snow was coming, so we were thankful to get in our egg hunt and egg coloring in on Friday and Saturday. Holiday traditions are so fun! The girls loved it. We also did Resurrection Eggs for the 12 days leading up to Easter as well again, and it's so fun how they understand more each year. 

We just hid a bunch and let them free for all! They loved it. Norah found the most (obviously), but Lucy and Ellory are young enough that they didn't even notice and everyone was perfectly content with what they found. Ah, to be young! We don't eat tons of candy either, so I just put a couple small pieces in each egg, so we let them eat a few eggs worth and saved the rest for later.

There is usually a big community egg hunt, which was cancelled, but they still did a drive through hunt where you looked from your car windows and the Easter bunny waved to you, and they gave you a little treat bag at the end. It wasn't the same at all, but fun they still did something and tried their best!

Love that we were able to dye our eggs outside! We are still in the "each egg gets one color" stage (no fancy designs for us yet), and that is just fine with me!

Happy Easter to everyone! He is risen!


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