Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Happy New Year! We found a church who was doing a free community NYE party with games and inflatables, so we went to that and the girls had tons of fun, and then we went out for pizza. We came home and explained to the girls what the ball dropping was and showed them a youtube video of it from last year before they went to bed. They thought it was awesome, and it truly was pretty awesome. One of my favorite NYEs to date. Love our family! I also told them that a lot of people kiss when the ball drops, so every time they see a clip of the countdown they think we all need to kiss each other. Adorable. 

Kley had the day off of work for New Years Day, so we went sledding! It was a good day for it in the sense that it wasn't too freezing, but not very good considering there wasn't a lot of snow and it was pretty icy. There is this hill that's pretty big that Kley and I tried first, and deemed to much for the girls first run. It went super fast because it was so slick, and you would have for sure sailed into the creek if you didn't put your feet down. We took Norah to a tiny hill two years ago, but she didn't love it too much. We didn't attempt sledding last year because Lucy and Ellory were too young. This was our year!

This was Kley trying the big hill. We were able to find a flatter part about half way down where the girls went down. I think they were a little nervous at first, but they all loved it after they tried it and went several times (with Kley or I, they didn't want to go alone yet)! A fun afternoon!


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