Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Norah recently.

Norah is growing up so fast and is such a beautiful, sweet soul! She is learning so much about letters/phonics and loves to write. She will just write strings of letters and then ask us what they say, and she loves to ask us to tell her how to spell words. She can write all of her letters, but sometimes forgets how and needs a reminder. She will spell out different signs or words she sees when we go out. She is currently learning the glockenspiel (like a xylophone) in her Kindermusik class, and it's been fun to practice and see her learn notes and follow along with a song and rhythms. I've been showing her the same notes she's learning in class on the piano.

Back at her 5 year wellness check, she was 42 lbs (65%), and 44.5” (86%). She got her kindergarten shots- didn't love it, but endured it. I can't believe she's going to kindergarten next year! We've been slowly talking about it to prep her, about going to school all day, eating lunch at school, that there are different classes of kindergarten so she might not have all of her friends in her class and will get to meet some new ones, etc. I'm excited for her because I know she will be ready and it will be good for her, but I'm not ready and I will miss hanging with my buddy like we have for the last 5 years! Norah is wearing size 11 shoes and 6/small clothes. A big development is that for the past month or two she's been going to the bathroom by herself in the night! She used to wake me up every time (which was almost every night), so her going by herself is cause for celebration. She hardly ever naps, but usually does great about playing quietly in her room during rest time. Norah had the throw-up flu back in November and is just getting over influenza B, so hopefully the rest of the winter she'll be healthy!

Norah loves to sing, read books, color, make crafts with scissors and glue, play-doh, play house/pets/babies, and help cook/bake. We had a rough couple weeks back right around her birthday dealing with anger, but that has thankfully calmed now. In general, Norah is a great big sister, kind friend, and listens well. Not all the time obviously, but we are thankful that our rough times are phases and not consistent. Playing games with Norah is so fun and is relatively new, as she's getting old enough to really understand and have the stamina/patience to finish a whole game. It's been so fun to teach her new ones! Some of her favorites are Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Mancala, Headbandz (a new one she got for Christmas that's like Guess Who but with animals), and Pretty Pretty Princess. Norah was so sensitive towards what she watched, and still is, but has branched out a bit as she's gotten older and has watched a few new Disney movies recently, like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. (We still limit screen time, but have had a couple extra movie nights during the winter as we really miss playing outside and we've exhausted our indoor activities, especially when sick!) It's so fun that the girls are getting older and can all play together more imaginatively and with smaller pieces- they have been enjoying Barbies and Polly Pockets!

Norah has a new cousin Murphy that we are anxiously awaiting to meet! Norah is so sweet with babies. We also watch a friend's baby every Tuesday and she loves playing with her. Norah says her favorite colors are pink and purple, and still loves milk and mac + cheese the best. She's starting to understand more jokes/sarcasm and it's so funny when she laughs at something she's watching or picks up on something funny someone said. We love you, Norah! What a light you are to our lives!


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