Wednesday, January 8, 2020

De Jong Christmas 2019.

Merry Christmas! What a fun and meaningful month we've had doing lots of Christmas activities! So thankful to celebrate our Savior who came as a baby for us! We were home during actual Christmas week, so we had a really nice mix of being at home and spending time with Kley's family. The girls are at such fun ages to understand more and be so excited for everything. 

Cute snowman matching pajamas as we celebrated our family Christmas, just the five of us. 

It was so fun to watch the girls open their presents. We don't do tons of presents, as they also get presents from extended family too. They got a few small things in their stockings, and then each got a book and one present to unwrap. Norah got two Polly Pocket sets, Ellory got a small Frozen castle, and Lucy got Trolley from Daniel Tiger. So sweet to watch!

Our family Christmas shot of the year. Not too shabby, could be much worse. ;)

Decorating name cards for the table.

How cute is my nephew Will? It's been so fun to watch my SIL Elizabeth become a mom this year! 

Cousin photo! (Ellory is on a roll with facial expressions this round.)

Papa and Amma did a little scavenger hunt for the girls leading up to a big reveal in the end that we are going to DISNEY WORLD as a family this May! So so fun! Everyone got one gift this year since the trip is the big ticket item. So generous! (So these summer hats were one of the clues.)

Opening the suitcase for the final clue!

Merry Christmas from the De Jong/Guthmiller crew! (Ellory likes to wrap herself up in big blankets and walk around pretending to be Queen Elsa, so that's what she's doing here.)

We started a new tradition this year of Find the Pickle! Apparently that's a thing? I hadn't heard of it before, but several other families we know do it, so we tried it and it was fun! It's literally searching for a small toy pickle and the winner got an amazon gift card. People got into it more than I thought they would!

Testing out Will's new car mat.

Disney princess figurines! How fitting that they can meet the princesses at Disney!

Lucy and Ellory got backpacks for preschool next year- bittersweet! They are all growing up so.

Norah got a bunk bed for her babies.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed celebrating Christ's birth!


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