Friday, February 23, 2018

Winter fun.

Winter in December is awesome because you have the anticipation of Christmas, but after that, it can feel long sometimes. Not to be a downer, because we do have much to be grateful for, but we are all looking forward to warmer weather to get outside and hopefully stay healthier! (It hasn't been too bad, but the girls had RSV in January, and last week Ellory had the stomach flu, but I'm so thankful no one else got it!) The other day we drove past the park, and Norah just sighed longingly at it and said she missed it. It was sad and cute at the same time.

So, we've been trying to come up with some fun winter activities! We are at an in between stage too I feel, in that it can be hard to find things for all three girls to do. There are some fun things I'd love to take Norah to, like the indoor pool, ice skating, or bowling, but Lucy and Ellory can't really do those things yet. 

I have quite a few sensory bins stored in my basement, but we haven't used many because Lucy and Ellory were too little, but we tried to do pom-poms the other day. It was pretty fun! The temptation was too strong for Ellory, and she couldn't stop putting them in her mouth, but Lucy did pretty well with it!

Even though she kept putting them in her mouth, she quite enjoyed herself.

I just commented about how quickly they are growing up as I uploaded these. Already Lucy doesn't need a bib anymore because she quit drooling!

Norah has fully embraced pajama days this winter when we don't have to go anywhere. I'm pretty sure she'd wear them all the time if I'd let her.

Her face in this picture reminds me of the scene from Despicable Me where she says, "It's so fluffy I could die!":)

There's Ellory, casually sneaking one in her mouth again.

Norah is such a great big sister! She's done a few really kinds things towards them lately.

One afternoon we went sledding. It was short lived, but fun. Norah was very excited to do it, but then only wanted to do it once. She said it was "fun and awesome" but didn't want to do it again. Ha. I think she got a little spooked.

My parents were getting rid of this face mask, and Kley thought it would be a great idea to take it. (Can you tell how much I love it?) Norah thought it was awesome because he looked like Spider-Man.

Norah's snow pants are super high waters because they are 2 sizes too small, but don't want to buy new ones every year since they are hardly used!

Kley is such a fun dad!

Another thing we did one day was this "amazing science experiment with mini bubbling explosions." Norah loved it! (It's just baking soda in a pan with vinegar/food coloring and a dropper.)

Happy Winter! Hope you're finding some fun things to do!


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