Monday, February 26, 2018

Lucy and Ellory's first birthday party!

Lucy and Ellory are ONE! A whole year! We made it the first year with twins! I've heard a lot of people say that in regards to twins, for overall, this was such a good year. The beginning was the toughest for me and I'm glad the first three months are over, but I'm so thankful for His provision over our lives in allowing us to be their parents and for protecting, loving, and growing them like He has so far. They really are the sweetest babies! I love both of them so incredibly much. I was so scared to be a twin mom when I was pregnant, and of course, now I can't imagine it any other way. Sure, taking care of two babies is a lot of work, but getting to love two babies is amazing!

Happy First Birthday, Lucy and Ellory! I enjoy planning and hosting, but I wanted to find a balance this year between still enjoying it, yet not overwhelming myself. The first step to that was having their party at our local library in their big basement room. I've had Norah's birthdays at our house, but in October you can hope to have some/all things outside, but I'm glad we found an alternate location this time because it was all obviously indoors in February. Also, then I didn't have to worry about preparing for or cleaning up after tons of people in our house. And having it at the library was free! Win.

I didn't have a specific theme, but went with mostly pink as the color with white, gold, and floral accents. It was really fun! I love making a "birthday board" every year for each of my kids. It's so fun to look back over the year and remember favorite moments. I make a Shutterfly photo book for each of my kids every year (instead of baby books) with photos and updates, but it's fun to have a big board of favorites. And I tell myself that doing it each year is great because then whey they graduate high school, I'll already have tons of boards ready for their graduation party! With Norah, I've done one board per year, and that was my goal to continue, but I just couldn't with two babies and they each got two boards. Oops. Too many cute pictures and so much more to choose from when there is two! I hung up their monthly pictures above too, which was a cute and super easy idea! I also used the pink/gold ribbon banner later on their high chairs for their smash cakes.

I already had this floral banner, which was basically my inspiration for the whole thing, because my MIL had given it to me and used it when we had a lunch celebrating their dedication at church awhile back, so I thought it was fun to use it again since it already had special meaning. 

More monthly photos, this time individually.

Aren't their birthday shirts the cutest ever? I love them so much. (I have a friend here who has a children's clothing business, but she had another friend make them because she does more sewing and she said my idea would work better being digitally printed on.)

Being a family of five is pretty great!

My maternal grandparents weren't planning on coming, but ended up being in the area for a funeral, so it was so great to have them join! That means all 7 of the girls' great grandparents were able to celebrate with them over the weekend! How special.

All of my siblings were able to come too, which was so great! Our girls are so blessed by amazing grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, and uncles on both sides! And they will be getting their first cousin in a couple months- so excited! My brother and SIL (on the far right) are having a baby.

My parents and grandparents.

My grandpa and Ellory.

Uncle Brett, Aunt Elizabeth, and Amma taking a snack break with Lucy. So glad Brett and Elizabeth were able to join too!

Ellory is the shyer one of the two, so she stayed pretty close to Kley and I at the party, which is okay!

Uncle Keaton and Lucy.

Lucy walking with Papa.

Aunt Kayla goes to college in our town, so we love getting to see her often!

The cutest!

Ellory was not in a picture taking mood, clearly.

Love my babies! 

I know Ellory is obviously very upset, but I also really love this picture. It will be funny to look back on when she's older! 

Happiest first birthday girls! You are so loved!


  1. Poor Ellory! It's her party and she'll cry if she wants to! 😂❤️ Love their outfits! I didn't ever comment that! What a cute party! Maybe next party my kids won't be sick for it! 🙈

    1. I know, I felt bad for her- I hope she didn’t think her own party was terrible! And thanks- I loved their outfits too. Next party I hope everyone is healthy too!


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