Friday, February 16, 2018

Some good laughs.

It's snowing a lot where I live right now, so everyone could use a good laugh while we're all sitting at home, right? :) Here are some memes that I think are very funny. Most of them are ones I sent to my dad and a few to mom friends. (And yes, I do believe that fitness and eating healthy are important, but these are just really funny.)

This is one I sent to my sisters that we really enjoyed. (In case you forgot or weren't a big Disney channel fan, Troy Bolton is from High School Musical.)

Lucy, this one's about you. :)

This one is extra funny because I thought this was funny years ago, and then I actually had twins! Ha.

My dad said that he laughed out loud in an elevator when I sent him this one and he had to show those around him so they didn't think he was crazy. :)

More great ones I've sent to my dad.

Parents unite!

I think the man in the background of this one really completes it!

Hope these brought a smile to your face like they did mine. Have a wonderful day!


  1. These are all great! Some of them really made me chuckle!!! 😂


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