Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Uncle Jeff got married!

This last weekend we were in Wisconsin for my uncle's wedding. Uncle Jeff has always been the fun loving uncle and all the cousins always enjoyed being around him. He has never been married before, so it has been a joy to meet Darla and watch them get married! So happy for them. 

Rehearsal dinner.

Kley did all the music and videography for the wedding. What a man!

Darla walking down the aisle!

Uncle Jeff had my grandpa as his best man, and Darla (now my Aunt Darla!), had her mom as matron of honor, which was really neat.

Family shot. Next up is my sister Karlie's wedding!

If you look closely at Norah's face, it's the perfect summation of her weekend. Unfortunately, it was a really tough weekend for our the three of us. For time reason, this trip really threw Norah out of whack- she didn't love the car ride, she slept horribly (which meant we did too), she didn't get good naps, and there were too many exhausted tantrums. Poor baby. There were good moments, but it was definitely one of the hardest parenting times we've had yet. 

Norah by the decorations. I know it looks dangerous to have her sitting so close to open flames, but Uncle Keaton wanted to try to get a cute picture of her. (She is really good at not touching things she shouldn't and she was closely watched.)

Norah loves her Uncle Keat! He will definitely be the fun loving uncle to her that Uncle Jeff is/was to us. So fun to watch them together.

Norah playing bean bags with Aunt Rose, Taylor (my cousin's daughter), and Ella (the flower girl). 

Congratulations Jeff and Darla! Glad we could celebrate you this weekend!


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