Monday, July 11, 2016

4th of July 2016 (part 2).

For the actual 4th, we headed to Sioux Falls to visit Brett and Elizabeth! We went to the water park, which turned out to be quite fun! It was pretty chilly when we got there, but it thankfully warmed up and the sun came out.

Norah loved seeing her Aunt Elizabeth and ran to her screaming for a hug when she saw her coming, it was the cutest.

Love our family of 3!

While we were waiting for it to warm up (that pool water felt like ice!), we played some mini-golf. Norah loved tagging along with her own little club. She didn't grasp that you are supposed to hit the ball with the club until the end- she kept picking it up and throwing it. 

We don't get pictures of just the two of us very often anymore!

On this hole, Norah picked up all of our balls and put them in the hole herself. Needless to say, we didn't keep score.

Then the sun came out and we headed to the water.

I love this picture.

We tried the lazy river. Norah did great, considering it was freezing cold and she looked like she was being swallowed up by her life vest.

Norah's face is so funny!

We went to Crave for dinner, which was very delicious. 

So glad we could spend time with family! We love you Brett and Elizabeth, and Brad and Jana too!

Happy 4th of July, we are blessed to live in the USA!


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