Friday, July 22, 2016

Norah- Twenty One Months.

Norah, watching you grow up is a true highlight! We are so thankful for a happy, healthy girl. Being your parents is a huge blessing. We love you!

Schedule/Eating: Norah's schedule is the same, and I'm excited to report that as it's wonderful! She sleeps from about 10-9 and naps from about 1:30-3:30. She has three meals and a bedtime snack. We have to push her to eat breakfast, but she eats a pretty good lunch and supper. Her favorite food is still cheese. She also enjoys goldfish, fruit snacks, noodles, strawberries, and watermelon as other favorites.

Developments: A big accomplishment this month is that Norah is regularly pooping on the potty (almost every day!). We are so excited! It's still a mix of her telling us she has to go and us noticing the signs and asking her to go, but most times she goes on the potty. She even does pretty well going when not at home, but she only likes to go for Kley or I and is scared of the automatic flushers in public restrooms. For how young she is, we think it's an awesome milestone! She gets an M+M after she goes and she loves that. We are hoping to try more potty training in the fall after our many summer trips are over.

One of Norah's favorite developments this month was that she learned to jump on two feet. She loves to do it, and it's adorable to watch. She only gets about an inch off the ground, but she tries so hard! Norah has grown a little in playing independently this month, and will even sometimes go into another room and play by herself for a little bit, usually with her toys in the living room or reading books in her room. For awhile, I didn't know if that day would come! Norah loves to be close to us, which isn't a problem (most of the time), but we know independence is good for her too.

Norah enjoys counting and knows her numbers, but counts in random order. We have been doing some group times with Ainsley (a friend we babysit), where we learn a letter, number, color, and shape each week, and she has started remembering a few of the letters. She loves identifying animals and their sounds. You can tell she is remembering more things and will bring up things that happened days/hours ago or something we told her would happen.

Words: We've been calling Norah a parrot because she is copying words so much. Her language skills are impressive and always improving! A few people have told us they think she is talking a lot for her age, which is a good thing! Her favorite words are dada, mama, baby, funny, troll (dada taught her that- troll as in a joke), amazing, car, truck, outside, airplane, and lawn. She loves to say her friends names- Ainsley, Lottie, Nana (Savannah), and Josie. She loves to watch the neighbor's dogs and say their names (Marley and Lula for Talula) when she sees them or their cars pull up, because she knows that means they will bark or come outside. She also started combining thank you and you're welcome and now just says, “Tank (thank) you, welcome!” all together and it's so cute. She also likes to point next to her and say, “Sit down.” when she really wants our attention/to be by us.

Favorites: Norah loves to be outside- definitely a favorite. She likes to go to the park, and I'm convinced she knows the way there. If we are walking around town, she will tell me which way to turn, and she's done that from several different locations. She likes to swing, go down the big slide at the park, play in the sandbox, help water flowers, and pick up sticks in the yard. She loves to “help” with the laundry, whether that's when I'm actually doing it or going in there and dumping it all out/putting it back in. She usually cleans it back up though, so I'm not complaining, she just mixes all the colors together. Norah has met a few new babies recently and loves to hold them. She was very sweet and protective of them at the same time. She loves to watch a video on our phones or the iPad whenever she can sneak a chance! She's obsessed with outdoor sounds, whether that's a motorcycle, airplane, or lawn mower, though the mower is her favorite. She will run around yelling, “Lawn!” and want to see out the window.

Norah, you're the best baby in the world and we're so glad you are ours!

She wasn't smiling with her mouth open, so this was after I asked her to show me her teeth. I guess tongue and teeth both start with T. Good effort, Norah.


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