Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July 2016 (part 1).

Happy Independence Day! We are thankful to live in the USA! We were home this weekend and didn't have big plans, which was nice because we are traveling for weddings a lot of other weekends. We took Norah to the celebration in a neighboring town, which was filled with games, petting zoo, fire truck/pony rides, ice cream, fireworks, etc. We only did some of the events (mainly because long lines and toddler patience don't mix well), but it was fun and glad we went!

Mama/Dada pictures while waiting for the giant slide! Norah seriously loves inflatables.

"I don't understand why I can't just walk to the front and get on the slide right now."

The wait was worth it! Kley and Norah went down about 6 times and Norah had the same ecstatic face each time.

Norah even went in the bounce house all by herself. We were so proud! We thought she would get scared and want to get out once she got in there, but she did great and thoroughly enjoyed it!

She really didn't even jump or move that much, she just kept falling over on purpose and laughing.

High five for being brave and doing it all by yourself!

Norah loves her dad!

My favorite!

Petting zoo. Or "stand and look from a distance" zoo.


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