Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter 2016 (part one).

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! What a wonderful celebration we have in that Christ died for our sins and rose again!

We got to see lots of family this weekend, so it was wonderful! My brother and sister-in-law came for the weekend, and my dad ended up coming up as a surprise too! We took Norah to a local egg hunt and to see the Easter bunny. She wasn't too into the eggs, but more into just watching all the other kids.

She has recently learned to furrow her brow and it's so funny. "What is going on?" she says.

The reality of this is sad that Norah was so scared, but the pictures are hilarious. Norah was absolutely not a fan.

This one is even more funny. Get me out of there! (Don't worry- she recovered quickly and actually enjoyed looking at him from a distance.)

Bunny ears!

(Norah took a face tumble on the driveway, so she looks a little beat up.)

We all went to Le Mars for ice cream (it's the ice cream capital of the world!), and they had this photo booth where we took advantage of taking an embarrassing pictures that Norah will be sure to hate when she gets older. We love it, however.

And we took a good one, too.

Claps for Uncle Keaton and Aunt Rose coming!

Grandpa and Keaton. Grandpa wanted to share "The Avalanche" so they had quite a bit of ice cream! My grandma is the biggest ice cream fan you will ever find.

The whole bunch.

Norah with her great grandparents! She actually gave both of them a hug before we left, which was so cute.


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