Friday, March 11, 2016

Arizona trip (part 2).

Vacation is a beautiful thing! Jana, Elizabeth, and I spent a few hours at a spa getting manicures/pedicures and it was amazing. It was the most deluxe mani/pedi I've ever had. (I haven't had that many, but this one was my favorite!) The lady who did my nails was wonderful and getting to sit and relax was awesome. They even delivered this great salad to me in the pedicure chair- wow!

Elizabeth and I.

Love seeing a few palm trees in the midst of all the cactuses!

Love getting to spend a whole week with Brett and Elizabeth!

The four of us went out for dinner together- so fun!

We went to this Mexican place called Los Reyes de la Torta that the guy at the car rental place said was his absolute favorite Mexican food. It was quite the experience! It was in an area that was not very touristy, but it was incredibly authentic. It looked like sort of a dive and we contemplated just going somewhere else, but I'm glad we went in and tried it. We were definitely the minority there!

They had these fresh juices that were amazing and mixed with basically every fruit you could think of!

This outfit just screams, "I love vacation!" Love it!

When we got here, the pool heater was broken and the water was ice cold. Thankful that it got fixed quickly and we got to enjoy it! It was so warm and it felt great.

Norah loved it too. She is like a little fish in the water!

We love Daddy!

Norah has also thoroughly enjoyed playing with the rocks!

That belly sticking out of that adorable suit..I love her so much!


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