Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tax school and Christmas celebrations.

We were in Des Moines for a lot of last week because Kley had tax school (a continuing education class), and Norah and I came with! Kley had to listen to a lot of lectures, which wasn't the most fun, but we got to do some Christmas celebrations too! We did some Christmas shopping and got together with a couple friends during the days, and at night we drove through Jolly Holiday Lights, had dinner with Keaton and Rose, went to Kayla's Christmas concert, rode the train at the mall, and saw some friends from our old small group. It was great!

Here are some views of the lights.

All proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish foundation, which grants "wishes" to kids with life threatening sicknesses.

(It was hard to take centered pictures in a moving car.)

We also stopped in to see Santa- Norah did well, much better than I thought she would!

Kayla's Christmas concert.

Norah has been WALKING more and more. (She still isn't walking consistently, but she's getting there. She can walk across a whole room now! She is 13 months.) This was her freedom escape after sitting on our laps the whole concert.

Norah loves her grandma so much! (And vice versa!)

Way to go, Kayla!

Aunt Kayla, Kley, and Norah riding the train at the mall!

We love time with Grandpa and Grandma!


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