Saturday, December 19, 2015

Home Management- Cleaning.

I really like my house to be clean. Sometimes I feel like I am Danny Tanner from Full House. For homecoming week in 7th grade on superhero day, I went as "Kelsey's Kleaning Krew" and was made fun of. Oops- terrible costume idea.

That said, I realize that not everyone, granted most people, are like that. Sometimes it can be a fault, and I know that as we have more kids I am really going to have to work on letting those things slide a little and surrendering to God. Yes, I believe it's important to have a clean house and to take good care of the material things God has given us, but that doesn't mean that my house has to appear spotless or that I need to sacrifice time with Norah or Kley in order to clean.

I like to split things up and do something everyday, so I don't feel like I have to do everything at once. For instance, here is my general schedule:

Monday- Grocery store and laundry.
Tuesday- Clean/switch out Norah's toys. (Why do that, you ask? Some people think I am nuts. It's what I am used to because I used to teach preschool. I think it keeps her healthier, because frequently other babies/kids come over and touch her toys, and also switching out her toys each week keeps her interested. Norah doesn't need a giant tub of toys, because then things get lost at the bottom and she gets bored with the same things always appearing, even if there are a lot. By putting a few things out and switching them often, Norah is usually really content playing!)
Wednesday- Wash/change sheets and clean basement. (I don't clean the basement as thoroughly as our upstairs, because that's not our main living area.)
Thursday- Clean the main floor. This is my biggest day. I clean everything pretty well and it takes me about 3 hours.
Friday- Laundry.

Now, this schedule doesn't happen exactly like that every week, but I generally keep it that way. If you don't have any sort of cleaning schedule or don't even clean regularly, that's fine (I'm not trying to make you feel bad at all), I am just sharing what works for me. I do little clean ups, especially in the kitchen, when needed, which is almost daily!

I like dividing tasks up into specific days because then it ensures me that it gets done and I know what's coming. I encourage you to try it! If cleaning seems like a daunting task, you could try to divide up those tasks too (like vacuum one day, dust the next, bathrooms the next, etc.) I personally don't like to clean like that because then the house never feels completely clean, but I know others that clean like that and it works great for them!

Happy cleaning!


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