Thursday, December 24, 2015

Norah- Fourteen Months.

Norah is 14 months! She seems older this month because she walking almost all the time and she is starting to understand so much more. It’s so fun to watch and be a part of each day. Watching her experience the world is a joy! She does things like open my make-up drawer in the bathroom and put on my chapstick or brush her/my hair, try to put her own shoes on, and wrap up her bitty baby in her sleep sack. It’s all so adorable, even when she put a bunch of toilet paper in the toilet when I wasn’t looking. (It was only adorable because it means she is watching us so closely, and mainly because it didn’t clog!)

Schedule/Eating: Norah is sleeping awesome at night (about 10-9 or 10:30-9:30 consistently and never wakes up!), and is taking two solid naps, about noon for 2 hours and about 5:15 for 1.5 hours. We wondered about a month ago if she was transitioning to one nap because she didn’t nap well for a few days, but now she is back to sleeping really well. We have even had to wake her up a couple times because she was sleeping so long! Norah enjoys almost all foods, and has 3 meals and an afternoon snack. She is starting to get hungrier we think, and will get a little grumpy if she’s hungry or try to dig food out of her diaper bag. Hungry, growing girl from all that walking! She still also loves her bath every night. Having Norah on a consistent schedule is so nice for all of us! She loves it too and knows what comes next!

Teeth: Top right front molar came through on 11/29, the top left front molar on 12/1, and the bottom left front molar on 12/22. Thankfully she has handled it quite well- can’t even really tell it’s happening! (She has 12 teeth now.)

Developments: Norah’s understanding has grown so much more. I asked her where her sock was (she was missing one), and she pointed to her foot, so we can see she’s connecting things together. Little things like that are happening all the time! She likes to find people’s belly buttons. She knows basic sequence of events in her schedule, like bath means go to the bathroom, or getting coats on means it’s time to leave, etc. Norah had her first weekend with Grandpa and Gramie De Jong while mom and dad went to Minneapolis and she did great! She has also been better at going to the nursery. She still doesn’t like it and cries off and on, but isn’t screaming like before and they aren’t calling us to come get her! Norah is walking so much more and is getting steadier everyday. She is walking about 85-90% of the time!

Words: Norah can say dada, Daisy (my parent's dog), Ainsley (a baby friend we watch), bye-bye, bath, baby, ball, hi, wow, and hot. New words this month were baby, ball, and bye-bye, and she just said mama for the first time on 12/22. Her favorite words are dada, ball, Daisy, and bye-bye.

Favorites: Climbing stairs, opening/going through all cupboards and drawers, bitty baby doll, balls, bath time, walking, daddy’s computer cords, stroller rides (the few we can take in the winter!), and being with mom/dad.

We love you Norah! You are such a wonderful baby- a true joy!

This is my new favorite picture of Norah!


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