Friday, December 11, 2015

Repost- How to Make Friends as a SAHM.

I have posted a few things lately about making friends in a new town, so you are probably getting sick of it, but I have to post this link that a blog I read posted: How to Make Friends as a SAHM. It's the stage I was just in, and it feels so good to feel like we are getting over the hump and are making real, deep friends.

I feel for people in that stage, because it can be a long, trying, challenging process. So, if this is you, read the article above! It was so good, I know I screamed "THIS IS ME!" in my head when I read it.


  1. Hi Kelsey! Thanks SO much for including a link to that post! I'm touched that you connected with it so much that you'd post it here. Glad to hear you feel like you're making progress in this arena!

    1. Hi Laura! I am glad you wrote about it. I really enjoy reading your blog! I got connected to it through following Amber and Madison's blogs, and I have so loved getting to know Madison now that we live in the same town! Wish we lived close together too!


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