Saturday, October 10, 2015

Post-baby swimsuits.

I know it's not swimsuit season anymore, but I'm sharing my absolute favorite post-baby swimsuit from the Becca line. I don't think I could love a swimsuit more. (This is not a sponsored post, I just really love it.) 

After having Norah, I wanted a more covering swimsuit, both in the chest area and in the stomach. Personally, I think swimsuits with a V come down so low on me, and with Norah grabbing my suit all the time, it was way too risky for a boob flash to occur. Ha. I really like that this swimsuit has the bandeau style that's more covering. I also really like that it covers my stomach, yet it's so breathable and it's not tight. Some tankinis are so tight on the stomach. The fabric on this suit is so airy. It keeps me cooler and much more comfortable, and still covered! A win in all areas! (I personally prefer tankinis way more than a one piece. One pieces rarely fit me well, and I hate going to the bathroom in a one piece.)

I have the two suits pictured below. Her line also has lots of other prints and styles of suits, and I really like that most of them are more modest than a lot of suits today. The only issue is the expense. I am all for trying to find a steal of a deal, but in this instance, it's worth the expense. It's a quality swimsuit and I really love it.

Also, I am not trying to say that if you have a baby that you need to cover your stomach up. That's your own personal decision with what you feel most comfortable. I am not ashamed of my stomach, I just felt more comfortable in this suit!


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