Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Keeping the spark alive.

A few days ago, FB alerted me that Kley and I had been friends for 8 years. I usually think that's dumb and don't love when people share their "facebook friendship," but for that one time, I enjoyed it. It sparked many memories from our dating days, and it was so fun to talk about our favorite first memories and reread the notes that we sent each other.

Kley and I both wrote notes to our future spouse before we met. It was a very special gift to give to each other on our wedding night. Looking back, we also discovered that Kley wrote me a note the night before my high school boyfriend broke up with me. How amazing to think that my future husband was thinking of me and praying for me during that time before I even knew him!

It was also fun to reread our FB messages we had sent each other in college. We thought we were being so cute and flirtatious at the time, but when we reread them they sounded hilariously lame. But isn't that the point? :)

This is the very first picture we ever took together back in 2007. I really don't like it (at the time I thought it was recurring pink eye, but it turned out to be a contact solution allergy, so my eyes were so red during our first month or so together), but it's our first and that makes it special.

Kley, here's to many more years of keeping the spark alive!


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