Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Norah's First Birthday (Part 1).

Norah is one! We had such a great weekend celebrating with friends and family. I know all parents say this, but Norah is the best baby in the world! This year flew by, in ways, but in other ways it feels like this is how it has always been and that we have always had her with us. 

My mom was able to come up a few days early, which was so nice for her to spend time with Norah and help get ready for the party. My sister goes to college here, so she was able to come over often too! Kley and I gave her our presents the night before, because we wanted to do it before there were tons of people, and to space out the gift openings. (One-year-olds can only handle so much!)

Norah really enjoyed ripping the paper off!

She opened a couple books and a geometric stacker (from Melissa and Doug)- she loves stacking rings/cups, so we thought she would really like this jumbo one!

Kley and I also each picked a bigger gift to give her, something that we wanted to do with her the next year. Kley chose a Little Tikes basketball hoop for the basement. I love this picture- it's like she doesn't know what to think, but she loves balls so it must be okay. 

This is a new favorite daddy-daughter picture!

I gave her a baby/stroller (from V-Tech). You can flip the seat around into a bed, high chair, and stroller. Norah didn't really care about the baby (yet anyway), but enjoyed pushing it and trying to drink out of the bottle herself. Ha.

She also loved the box and paper too, of course.

Norah took a moment to just sit and look at everything that just happened. 

Friday night was also senior night at NWC- go Aunt Karlie! It was their last home game.

Uncle Keaton and Aunt Rose made it from Des Moines in time for the game too!

After the game.

I love it when all my siblings are together!

(See more about Norah's birthday here.)


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