Thursday, October 1, 2015

Favorite gifts.

Gift giving/gift receiving is definitely not my top love language, but I was looking around our house the other day feeling grateful for all that we have. Material possessions are not everything (Matthew 6:20), and they will never last, but I am grateful that we have a house and the things we need. I specifically looked at a few of my favorite, or most meaningful, gifts that I have ever been given in my life.

1. Compact case- For my high school graduation, my grandma gave me a silver compact case, because she said that's what she got when she graduated. It opens up with mirrors inside. I thought that was really special. I still have it and will always keep it. (It doesn't look exactly like this, but something like that.)

2. Giraffe glasses stand- My Uncle Jeff gave me this for Christmas one year, and it still sits on my nightstand today. He knew that giraffes are my favorite animal, and I thought this was a really unique gift!

3. Pearl earrings- Kley gave me these earrings when I graduated college. 

4. OPI nail polish case- My mom gave me this nail polish case for my birthday in high school. Unfortunately, I didn't love it at the time and my face is usually a dead give away of how I am feeling, but it grew on me. I took it to college and all the girls on my floor loved it and frequently came to my room asking to borrow nail polish. I still use it today. So, even though I didn't initially like it, I love it now- thanks mom!

5. "My sister, my friend" stand- It doesn't look like this exactly, but my youngest sister gave me a stand with two sisters on it like this that said "my sister, my friend" before I went to college. My dad said he was with her at a store one time and she saw that and bought it for me with her own money (she was about 8 at the time). I brought it to every dorm room with my and it's still on our dresser today. 

6. Giraffe stuffed animal and collage frame- My best friend, Stephanie, has given me many great gifts over the years, but two of my favorites are a big stuffed animal giraffe from our Jr. High days (that is now in Norah's room!), and a collage frame of her favorite pictures from her semester abroad in Rome (which is hanging in our living room).

I'm sure I could go on with many more meaningful gifts, but these are some of my most memorable. My favorite thing about them all was that I never asked for any of them; it was a gift they just really thought I would like.

What are some of your favorite gifts?


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