Friday, June 6, 2014

Teaching children to want to obey.

So, I discovered this Bible study today, and I am in love. A good friend recommended it, and while I haven't actually seen the study, I absolutely love the article about teaching children to want to obey. I have been contemplating this concept for a long time, especially with my teaching. I want to teach my kids to WANT to obey so that they can bring praise and honor to Jesus, not because it's socially acceptable to follow the rules or because they think that I'm telling them they HAVE to obey.

She (Kim Sorgius) wrote a Bible study called Because I Said So...A Biblical Study on Obedience that is designed for children ages 6-14. This is older than the kids I'm surrounded by, but I am still very interested. You can find information about the study in the link above.

If nothing else, I encourage you to read the article. I love it and it touched my teacher/mom heart.


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