Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday morning stroll and strawberry picking.

This morning we went strawberry picking with some friends from our small group. It was so fun! Definitely something we don't regularly do! I think I maybe went once when I was younger with my grandparents, but I hadn't done it in years and years. I loved it! It was a gorgeous day, and pretty fun to pick your own! Each couple had our own row to pick from.

Our group- Kley and I, Matt and Kate, Andy and Jackie, and Dave and Lindsay.

I really like this picture. :)



It was neat to pick them right off ourselves!

We only picked about 1/4 of a row, and we had so many! Kley was holding the basket, and I said a few times to not go crazy, but we ended up going a little crazy. We have so many strawberries! We already ate a ton, we have two huge bowls in the fridge (one for us and one for my mom), and a big container in the freezer. We paid $13.50 for all those, which was a pretty good price!

I also won the award for finding the strangest strawberry. :)

After that, Kley and I walked around Raccoon River Park, to get some exercise and because it was so nice out. I love that place. We walked out to the spot where Kley proposed to me. I can't believe that was 5 years ago already!

It was a pretty fabulous Saturday morning!

(I am also one day away from being 23 weeks pregnant, for anyone interested in knowing. :)


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