Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014.

Father's Day is a great day, because I have so incredibly much to celebrate. First off, I have the best dad ever. I am so grateful to be his daughter and so blessed to have him in my life. He stayed up late and woke up early to finish his work so that he could make it to all our events. The neighbor kids came and asked him to play with them outside instead of their own dads. He is always there with solid, sound advice. He always knew when I had been crying, even if it had been a long time, and never forced it out, but gently encouraged. He has the perfect balance of teaching and also letting us figure out things on our own. He is a hard worker and completes his tasks well. He is God-fearing, does daily devotions, and isn't afraid to be bold in sharing with others. He is loyal to my mom and our family. He is full of integrity and does the right thing. I could say so many things about my dad. He's the best. Love you, Dad! Today is also his birthday, so he gets a double whammy every year!

My dad and me as a baby.

Then, when I got married, I gained a great father-in-law. Brad is also a hard worker, loyal to his family, a respectable lawyer, full of sound advice, has a caring heart, and has loved and accepted me as his own.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Kley and his dad when he was younger. Look at those teeth. :)

This year, Kley and I also got to celebrate Father's Day together! My brother said it doesn't count since the baby is not born yet, but we thought it did and celebrated anyways. The baby is alive inside me, and he's the father of him/her, so it counts! 

Since Kley always wants these incredibly specific things that I have no idea what they are, such as guitar parts, it's very hard to surprise him with a gift. So, I let him pick out a few of his own guitar things that he wanted. Also, in the morning I surprised him with breakfast (including bacon!), and a really cute children's book about kids loving their dads. Kley loves breakfast, and especially loves bacon, and says it's one of my greatest faults that I don't make it more, so I made him bacon for Father's Day. 

Happy Father's Day! Kley, I am so excited to parent with you very soon and to watch you be a dad- you will be great!


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