Thursday, May 8, 2014

The storm makes you appreciate the rainbow.

Today was like a storm- in all ways. We had a tornado warning all afternoon, and it hailed tonight. It was also a storm in my classroom- like a tornado engulfed my kids and turned them into wild spinning destruction-makers.

Don't get me wrong- I love my kids. So much. Like they were my own. But everybody has frustrating days.

We tried to plan something fun today. We are learning about our 5 senses, and today was about taste, so for art we did pudding finger painting. We had a more wild than usual morning all together, but that 30 minutes put me over the edge. We ended up with pudding all over some clothes and the floor, it took a long time (and our attention) to clean up the huge mess and all the kids, and while that was happening there was screaming and yelling (some from playing wildly, some from actual fights), all the toy buckets were dumped out everywhere, and it seemed that everyone thought "clean up" meant "run around the classroom and yell."

We had a very serious, important talk after this during group time about how mad I was. I actually think it went well. I don't get actually mad very often. But when teachers get mad, I think it's important for them to tell the class they are mad and why they are mad. Kids need to understand that adults have feelings also, because sometimes they don't understand that we do. There was a moment during clean up time when a fight happened that I wanted to sigh and speak harshly, but I bit my tongue and temporarily walked away.

I talked, not yelled, with the class about my frustrations and how upset I was with them because I know they can do better. I explained what they had done that made me feel frustrated. I explained that I had tried to plan a fun activity, but it makes it hard to want to plan fun activities when they misbehave. I asked them if they understood how that could make me feel mad. I asked them what they could do better next time.

Thankfully, everyone sat quietly, listened attentively, responded well/appropriately, and apologized.

And then we prayed and thanked God for forgiveness and fresh starts.

I am so thankful to teach at a Christian school.

Thank you, Lord, for the storms, because they make the rainbows so bright and renewing.


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