Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oh the weekend.

This weekend was pretty good. Friday night my parents, sisters, and I went to Mom's Night Out. You should all go see it! My sister, Karlie, was home after college for the weekend before she leaves for Africa on a nurses mission trip for a month. 

Saturday morning/early afternoon we went to my sister Kayla's volleyball tournament. She's #3 and she's pretty awesome. :) Unfortunately, my camera's zoom and quick time is not best for capturing sports action shots.

After the tournament, we went to Gusto Pizza Co. for lunch. I was excited because I saw this list of the 15 best restaurants in Des Moines, and Kley and I's goal was to eat at all of them before we moved. We had already been to about half, so we have a few left! Unfortunately, Kley missed all these events. His dad, Brad, came down for Friday night/Saturday to help him study for his finals this week, which was super nice of him.

Saturday afternoon/evening Brad and Kley were studying, so I worked hard on conference forms. It wasn't much fun for a Saturday, but I'm glad I got a lot of work done! Today we went to church, did a few more conference reports, took a nap, and now we are headed to my parents for dinner!

Happy weekends!


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