Sunday, February 16, 2014

The rainbow after the storm.

Valentine's Day was a bit insane this year. Kley and I didn't do much to celebrate together, but I am okay with that. We spent Friday night grocery shopping, cleaning, and doing laundry, in preparation for being gone/busy the rest of the weekend. But, Kley did bring home Olive Garden takeout and flowers after work, so that was a big win. :)

Friday at school was definitely a tough day. Holidays and parties are supposed to be super fun, right? I hope the kids remember it as fun, because it wasn't to me. My class was so excited that we really struggled to have self-control. Basically, they were off the wall, and we didn't even eat any sugar. (I let the kids help distribute their valentines in the morning, but had them save their bags for the party to go through with the parents. We had a snack at the party, but most of it was healthy. So, the only sugary thing they ate all day was a small dum-dum sucker. Leaving the rest of the sugar intake up to the parents was a marvelous idea.)

But, looking back on the day, I hope they remember it positively. While internally it was a struggle for me to remain positive and teach with patience, I am still glad that we were able to have a party and celebrate. We talked all week about how it was a great opportunity to share God's love with others by giving valentines, so I hope they took that to heart.

Even though it wasn't my best or favorite teaching day, there's always a rainbow after the storm. I love that about teaching. Most of the time, it's a great job and I love it so much. Even though there are hard moments, and even hard days, I am glad for the rainbows and how appreciative it makes me for all the amazing moments.

I told Kley in the car today after church that one of my favorite all time moments about teaching is during nap time when all is calm, and I hear someone quietly singing the praise song that's playing in the background. I am so thankful to be able to mold His children and to work in a place where we can speak about Jesus and praise Him all day long.


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