Sunday, February 9, 2014

My sister is growing up and had her very first homecoming!

Last night was my youngest sister Kayla's first homecoming! My other sister, Karlie, came home from college, so her and I tagged along to all the events. It was special to have some great sister time and celebrate homecoming! (We really wanted to drive to the school and spy later on during the dance, but we figured Kayla would hate that, so we resisted. You're welcome, Kayla.)

Getting hair done.

My mom doing Kayla's make-up. She doesn't wear make-up, so it was quite entertaining to watch my mom try to put mascara and eye liner on her.

All ready. Isn't she gorgeous?

Her hair looked so neat.

Sister loves!

(Wow, my family is tall. I know we are, but I don't really think about it until I see a picture. I am 5'9" and look how shrimpy I look. :)


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