Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tree Lighting.

My dad and I love Christmas. Not that the rest of my family doesn't, but my dad and I love it the most and are all for celebrating early, including listening to lots of Christmas music way before it's deemed socially appropriate. :) (106.3 in Des Moines has been playing non-stop Christmas music since November 1 this year, and it's been awesome!) So, when I heard about the tree lighting at the mall, we had to go. 

Before we went, I hadn't heard of this before, and was wondering how I could have possibly missed something so great related to Christmas. Unfortunately, I think I built up the event a tad too much in my head. It wasn't as great as I was expecting, but I'm still glad we were able to go. (It didn't help that it was only a balmy 19 degrees outside either.)

First they had a band play Christmas music. They were from Des Moines, called Decor. They were okay- more rock than we would have hoped without much singing. We watched them for a little bit, then headed into the mall to warm up.

Kayla and Dad enjoying the musical stylings of Decor. They requested a picture and this is what I got. (Mom had already headed in to warm up. She lasted maybe five minutes.)

I must say, the end of the event was much better, and worth waiting for. (If you're going to go next year, you could just go for the last 10 minutes!) They had fireworks and lit up the big Christmas tree. They first had one firework shooting right to the tree from across the lake, and when it "hit" it the lights went on. (Dad thought it was a misguided firework. Ha.) Then they had a bunch of fireworks after that, which were really good!


Then my battery died at the end, so I didn't get many good firework pictures. Kley had to miss out because he was working, but he came to dinner afterwards. 

Merry Christmas- start celebrating now! :)


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