Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

Thanksgiving 2013 was a great one! Hope it was for you as well! 

Kley and I both had Thursday/Friday off of work and school, which was really nice. We stayed home (in Des Moines) for the first part. Keaton and Karlie were home from college, but Karlie had to go back for the weekend for v-ball practice because her team is sweet and is going to nationals next week! It's fun to watch her team because they are super good. :) 

So, Wednesday night after work, we headed to my parents and had dinner and played Taboo. 

Thursday morning I attempted to make chocolate pretzels (like I did last year at Thanksgiving and here), but it bombed a little. Last year I melted a bunch of chocolate and poured it in, never thinking of using Hershey's kisses. (Duh!) This year I tried the kisses, which is much easier (although crazy taking all of the wrappers off), but unfortunately I burned my first two batches beyond repair. I was bummed. But, I bought more to make later. Then, since I burned the chocolate, we were running out of time, so we sped cleaned and got ready for brunch.

We headed over to my parents again for the rest of the day. We had delicious brunch, and then hung out until dinner. We went for a walk, sat around, looked at Black Friday ads (but did not go- it's too much), read a book, and prepared food. It was awesome.

Here are a few snapshots of dinner and my lovely family.

Prepping the bird!

It's ready!

Family shot (check out my brother- what a cave man.)

After dinner we headed to the Groen's (family friends) house for games. It was so fun! My best friend, Stephanie, was home from DC, so we got to see her!

We took Schut family pictures on Friday morning, which was freezing but good. Then we headed up to OC for the weekend! The Ver Steeg clan (my MIL's side) got together Friday night at the Mexican restaurant and then went to the Swart's house (cousins) for treats/games.

Here are some pics of Kley's family- so nice to get a shot with everyone!

Today we are headed to see grandparents and hang out (hopefully watch a movie)!

Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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