Saturday, November 16, 2013

My blog is famous!

Last week I was contacted by someone at Dwellable. Ever heard of it? (I hadn't before she emailed me.)

It's a site people can go to if they are planning a vacation. You can check out reviews of places all over, complete with pictures, maps, blog posts, etc.

"Vacation rentals and reviews with photos, maps, and more. Where do you want to go?"

Remember in July when we visited Beaver Creek, CO with Kley's family? You can check out each day of our vacation there here. The person from Dwellable specifically contacted me about my Day 6 post of our vacation. She asked me if she could feature my blog post on their site, for anyone looking for a review of Beaver Creek.

I said sure! So, now my blog is famous.

Check it out here (my day 6 post- I blogged every day of our vacation). This is a link to my blog post- at the bottom there is a Dwellable button that connects you to the site.

I was impressed they found me, and thought my post was good enough to feature!


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