Saturday, August 10, 2013

Recycled crayons and a handy project.

At work, we are doing a big project of organizing our storeroom. It's a big task. One of the items in the storeroom was this big bin of old crayons. We didn't want to just throw them away, so I took them home to make "recycled crayons." All the websites and pinterest pictures make it sound so easy, but that is not true.

It's very time consuming, especially if you are making a large batch. First, you have to take all the paper off. This is the worst part. It takes so long. My fingernails are still hurting, even hours after finishing. It's like getting something shoved underneath your fingernail. Ouch. A ways into it, I tried to use a knife to loosen the paper, which definitely made it easier, but it was still work.

This was only some of the crayons in the bucket! (This was what was left after making batch #1.)

All the papers from batch #1.

Ready to go in the oven! The websites tell you that using cupcake holders makes it easier, which it does, but it still is a huge mess. The wax seeps through the cupcake holder, and it's very hard to clean the pan after. Also, little wax pieces fling all over, so be prepared to clean your whole kitchen after.

It ruined/split most of my fingernails. Bummer.

Finished products. :)

You cook them for a few minutes (until the crayons are melted) at 250. Take them out right away once all the crayons are melted- the longer you leave them in, the more wax seeps out and the harder it is to clean. I learned this on batch #1. I made two batches, so I have a lot of new crayons!

This is the handy project I did today. This is super easy and no big deal to most people, but it's a big deal to me. This week at school I brought some of my old beanie babies (who still has theirs?!) and my bunk bed. The kids love it! Unfortunately, one of my kids sat on it on Friday and cracked the top bed post. 

I originally thought about throwing the whole thing away. Then I thought about sawing the top bunk off entirely. Then I got smarter and tried to think of how I could just get another wooden rod. I went to True Value and bought a small wooden rod for 70 cents! I was quite proud of myself for thinking of this.

Unfortunately we didn't have any type of saw, and Kley's pocketknife was too dull, so I ended up using one of my nice kitchen knives to cut it. I know- not the best idea for my knife.

But I fixed it all by myself for under a dollar! :)


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