Saturday, August 3, 2013


Some people are extremely talented writers. Other bloggers I follow have a wonderful ability to turn their experiences into beautifully written memories and to narrate their ordinary days in an interesting way. I usually don't feel like that, which is fine. Sometimes I write about my kids a lot, such as in this post, and this post, but other times after work I don't feel like writing anything at all. I usually blog a lot on the weekends and rarely ever during the week, which is okay. A lot of nights after work, I simply don't want to write anything at all, and if that's how I feel, I'm not going to force it. Some days taking care of many kids all day is all I can muster. :)

This week I didn't feel like writing anything, so instead I will just list some highlights going on right now:

1. It is now August, which means summer is nearing the end. Usually, in most years, I would never be excited for summer to be over. I love summer. I love the beautiful skies, green grass, warm weather, sunny nights lasting longer, and hitting up the pool. However, this year feels a little different. Once the "school year" starts, I feel like things are different for us. This is going to be a huge year for us together- as referenced in this post. This is Kley's last year of law school (!!!), and at the end of the year we will be moving to Orange City, IA. We have a lot of changes coming up- it will be scary and exciting. This summer was sort of "down time" on our plan for the next year. Not that I'm not enjoying this summer- I really am. It's a good lesson for me on enjoying the moment where we are, but in ways it felt like we were just waiting for what's to come. So, I'm excited for fall.

2. Our third anniversary is coming up on August 14!

3. Three friends who live out of state are coming to visit this month!

4. October is going to be a good month as well. Kley's birthday is on the 18th. Also, we have TWO awesome events. We rarely go to concerts or pay for tickets for something, but in October we are going to see BILL COSBY and RASCAL FLATTS! I am so excited.


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