Sunday, June 2, 2013

The whole gang.

This weekend my whole family was together again. Such a special treat, as that doesn't always happen often, with two away at college and plenty of activities happening.

Friday night we did nothing, which was totally awesome. We hadn't had a free weekend night in awhile just the two of us. We were lazy and got Olive Garden takeout, watched some Friday Night Lights, and caught up on a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy. My mom and sister were coming back from their New York trip (referenced here), and my brother/dad were supposed to be heading to Dallas to drop him off at his internship for the summer (also referenced here). My brother, Keaton, ended up not having to head down until today, so my dad told my mom/sister that Kley and I were picking them up, while in reality they were. It was a good surprise, especially for my mom, since she thought she would miss seeing Keaton altogether. So my mom was texting me all their updates, while I was really sitting in bed watching TV, and I was forwarding them to my dad. Ha. :)

Saturday we went to my parents for supper and just hung out. I feel sentimental and old, because everything my dad said growing up is true- family is most important, treasure this time because we won't always be together, eating dinner together is a great gift from God, etc. We ate dinner, talked, and laughed a lot together around the table. It was a great moment together that I will treasure for a long time. Now that I am older and not living at home, I treasure it in a deeper way than I did when I was younger or in high school. Kind of like the "you never appreciate what you have until it's gone" principle- now that I don't have it everyday, it means all the more when it does happen. Thank you, God, for a wonderful family that I love and truly enjoy spending time with.

(I know I have already blogged this picture back at Christmastime, but it's the last picture I have taken of the whole family together, so I'm posting it again because I love it.)


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