Saturday, June 22, 2013

Movies, movies, movies.

So I never blogged about last Saturday. Unfortunately, I have no pictures except for Instagram, and I still haven't invested the time (or rather made Kley invest the time) to fix it on my blog. For some reason the connection link between the two hasn't worked in months. Hmm.

But, last Saturday was one of the greatest in a long time. My family was out of town, and a lot of our friends were busy, so Kley and I had the WHOLE DAY to ourselves. It was wonderful! That doesn't happen often, so we relished it. We went to the Farmer's Market in the morning, Kley even came to Target with me, and we watched TWO movies! We got home around 2:00 and already felt like we had done so much, and we still had lots of the day left! What a great feeling.

First we watched Safe House. I was scared to watch another Denzel movie, after the last one we watched (Flight) was so bad. But, Denzel redeemed himself! It's definitely a man movie, but I liked it and would recommend it. (I even named my beta fish Denzel in college after him. Ha.)

The second movie was The Intouchables. This movie was crazy! I first heard of it from someone's blog I read, and she raved about how good it was. Kley was hesitant, but then the guy at the movie store also said it was great when we checked it out. So then we left and I smiled at Kley, because now we had two good reviews.

However, there was a green sticker on the movie that said "this movie is sub-titled." I naively thought that meant that there were just added subtitles at the bottom, dumbly not thinking that you can choose to add subtitles if you wanted to in most movies. It never dawned on me that it would be in another language, so we popped it in and the entire movie was in FRENCH. Not even Spanish, which I know a little bit, but French. Ha.

We thought about turning it off, but kept going, and are so glad we did. It was a great great movie. It wasn't even that big of a deal that it was in French. It's about this guy who "interviews" for this job of taking care of a man paralyzed from the neck down. He just wanted to show up at the interview so he could write it on his papers to get government benefits, but somehow the guy likes him and challenges him that he couldn't last two weeks at the job. He ends up helping take care of this man, and the friendship they form is amazing. The movie is also hilarious, and based off of a true story.

Watch it.

Then, last night at the last minute after work, we went and saw Monster's University in theaters with my parents and sister. Another good one. Watch it. Especially with all the crud they are allowing in movies these days, I am liking kids movies more and more. It was really good and funny. 


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