Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My husband, the rock star.

My own husband has become a rock star before my very eyes.

Kley is working at school with me this summer (don't know if I've mentioned that or not). He is doing the elementary school aged day camp, and is doing an awesome job at it. It was such a God thing that this fell into place- at the perfect time when he wasn't finding a clerkship. He thought he was going to work at school, then something came up and it wasn't going to work out, so he applied for other jobs, never heard anything, then the something that came up fell through and the offer came up again!

It's been great because we have the same schedules- both with Monday off! We budgeted for Kley to not make any money at all his three years of law school, so having an extra pay check for three months is awesome (not that he is making a lot, but anything helps!), and we are also saving on gas by driving together!

He has been working there full time for 2.5 weeks now (two weeks before that part time). So far, I have seen him dance like crazy in front of all the kids during praise and worship, seen kids laugh with him, seen kids listen to and respect him, heard that he entertained the whole bus ride by doing accent impressions, and seen him come home dripping in sweat and exhausted because he truly gave the day his all.

Someone asked me if he really was that happy all the time. I have had at least four different people come up to me and tell me how great of a job he's doing.

I am so proud of him. This is his first job ever working with kids. The first few days were filled with lots of questions and confusion, but he has learned the ropes so fast and is successfully doing a good job!

I always thought that Kley would be a good dad, but now I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he will be the most fantastic dad. I'm so pumped!

He also volunteered instantly last night go to help mow a friend's lawn tonight right after work. No complaining about how he already worked a 10 hour day and was tired. Instantly said yes- he would serve a friend in need.

Man, did I marry a keeper. :) I am so blessed by you, Kley! Thank you, God, for a good man.

More proof of Kley's goodness from our Florida trip back in March:

Kley really doesn't like most rides, but he still had a great attitude, never complained, and held all our bags while we went on the rides. (He did not actually ride the Tower of Terror. Ha.)

Kley shopping and finding weird things to try on. Does Kley like shopping? No. But he went anyway. :)

Kley playing games with my family in the pool while I was a pansy and sat in my chair reading.

Kley leading the pack with my mom, being the "map aficionado" and helping us get to our favorite rides the fastest. 


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