Monday, May 27, 2024

Tulip Festival 2024- Ride Night.

Tulip Festival came around again- one of our favorite times of the year! What a fun filled and busy few days. (Tulip Festival is a big Dutch celebration in our small town with rides, food stands, parades, Dutch costumes, street scrubbing, etc.) Tulip Festival kicks off with ride night (the only night they sell wristbands, as opposed to regular tickets, for unlimited rides) and the girls were pumped!

First ride choice of the night- Cliff Hanger!

Giant slide!

The boat ride is another favorite!

I almost deleted this one because you can't see all three girls, but just look at Ellory's face! :)

Watching your kids have fun is just the best!

I love that we are in the middle of doing some big kid rides and some little kid rides.

They were very excited to pick out their first festival treat!


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