Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tulip Festival 2024- Dutch dancing, parades, and more rides.

Tulip Festival was so great this year- thankful for great weather, fun activities, and lots of special time with family! Norah was able to participate in Dutch dancing again this year- she did great!

The parades are always fun! Where I grew up, marching band was not cool, but here it truly is and many do it! Kley loves seeing the HS band every year.

They have some fun floats- this one is my favorite!

The Tulip Festival queen and her court. 

The Thursday night parade is the only one where they throw out candy, so that's a fun one! We got to go to this one with Kley's family, so it was fun to watch cousins enjoy it together!

We did some more rides with cousin Will after the parade too! (Gerrit was there for the parade too, but went home after for bed and he's pretty young for rides yet.) They had lots of fun!

On Friday afternoon, the girls got to ride on a float in the parade- so cool!

During the Friday night parade there was a short spout of rain and there were these amazing double rainbows after!

My parents and sister Kayla came up for the weekend- so fun they could join in the festivities!

Boat ride with Aunt Kayla!

Big spins on the Sizzler!

My cousin also came to town for a day for the festival and she got to come over for a few hours. The girls loved playing with their sweet baby Flora! (I didn't post the picture of that to keep her face offline.) Thankful for a fun few days!


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